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Q: Why is your website so ugly?
A: It is not ugly.


- We make use of a visitor-tracking program. This logs the time of the visits to our site, along with the visitors' IP addresses, their user agent (browser etc) and their operating system, country, referrer, and the keywords used in search engines that gave up our URL. These logs are checked only in events of security issues. We will securely delete these logs as soon as they are not required any more; which will normally be frequently. We will not hand out our statistics to anyone unless required by the law.

- Our website does not and plans never to contain any kind of third-party advertisement. Also, it does not and never will contain any type of "web bugs". In regards to cookies, the only cookie that our site uses is the one in our Change Display function; this cookie is used to remember the style you choose so that all our pages can be displayed in the same style. You can avoid this cookie by simply not using this function.

- Our website keeps client-side tricks to an almost non-existent level. Those that we do use only involve modifications of our site's content: there is no modification on the visitor's browser. Those who have scripts disabled or who don't support scripts have no important functionality to miss; just some minor fancy design stuff.

- Most parts of our site do not embed any third-party material (i.e. stuff from other websites). This means that on these parts of the website you will not unknowingly come across any cookies, web bugs, etc, from such parties while browsing it [Note however that we do link to third-party websites- these "external" links are clearly denoted by the common external link icon -though if your browser does not support images you will not be able to see this- and a mouseover description; these external websites have different privacy policies than ours.]
There are other parts of the website, namely those in the Media section, where we embed third-party media in a minimalistic way (i.e. we embed as little as possible, we avoid media that send cookies, and we never embed any "web bug" stuff).

- We will try to completely avoid linking to products that are for sale on third-party sites (well our site won't have anything for sale either). In the possible very specific case that we might need to link to a product that's for sale, this will be made clear in the link.


- Some material on this website is copyrighted to someone else, in which case we always give notice (in the unlikely event that we have failed to do so, please let us know and we will fix our mistake as soon as possible).

- Other material is found freely on the web and used after making sure that it belongs to the public domain.

- Everything else (i.e. most material on this website) is copyright © 2010 - 2019


Happy Mutations is based on a site that was originally intended to be a purely HTML site of which creation begun in September of 2010.


If you have something (relatively important) to say to us you can send us an email at cont6act@happy6mutations.c6om (exclude the sixes). Polite emails will be passed on to the site's administrators.

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