Software used on this site:

On the index page, a blogging program is used called Chronicle: The Blog Compiler. It organises posts in tags, creates RSS feeds, updates the sitemap.xml page, etc. It was created by programmer Steve Kemp.

Website accessibility validations:

Our site validates on the following web accessibility validation services (checked in May 2011):

- WDG HTML Validator
- WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool
- etre's Accessibility Check
- AChecker Web Accessibility Checker
- HERA's WCAG 1.0 P1
- Page Valet 4.2 Validate Markup
- Functional Accessibility Evaluator 1.1's HTML Standards Validator
- WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool

Code validations:

Our site validates on the following HTML validator services (checked in May 2011):

- HTML 4.01

HTTPS encryption:

Visit this site securely at https://happymutations.nfshost.com/ (Warning: this feature is still experimental).


Our research showed us that the advantages of accesskeys overwhelm the disadvantages, so we chose to implement them on our site.
If you find them to cause you more harm than good, then please let us know, if possible, so we can rethink this decision.
Our acceskeys are based mostly on UK Government's ones:

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This feature sends a cookie to your computer so that it can remember the style you select and automatically set your choice to all pages. If your browser blocks this cookie, then it will forget your selection.
Your browser also needs to support scripts for this to work.

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